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What a Year! 


After every Reunions there comes a window of reflection, then a period to re-energize, then a relaunch.  With 35+ of these annual cycles it sure helps to be resilient! 


First - Reflection!  You look maahvelous!  Some of us confess to turning 60 this year, and while I admit we don't look like the 5th reunion folks, we are holding our own against the 25th.  And reflections aren't just in the mirror.  Wow, what a group with which to spend time.  Marty just sent out his letter about unwinding from Isles, and it was Spring of 1981 that he launched that organization.  Working consistently to make life better for others - turns out it has a compounding return.  Let us know similar long term commitments you have made.  And since our next major (2021!) is a 40th reunion, let me know what you were doing, reading and thinking in Summer 1979!  (Professor Stout characterized sophomores - "The sap has begun to move but has not yet reached the head".  What does that say of juniors?)



Second - Re-Energize!  This is a huge deal, with Princeton's 150 years of Tiger football celebrated in Yankee Stadium.  Once again, class dues is pitching in to make it easy for you - buy your ticket and we do the rest!  See below.  (These are some of my favorite class events - low key, people jumping seats to catch up and share stories.  And Class Alcalde Jason Gold has personally guaranteed a Princeton victory!)  Make your reservations now and we can plan the party bus! 



Third - Re-Launch!  We asked, then reflected on the things that mattered to you.  It all seemed to intersect in the community service events.  It's a space where '81ers have been leading for a lot of years, and we are going to unleash some of that strength!  Look for more coming soon....







Princeton-Dartmouth Football at Yankee Stadium, NYC November 9th. Purchase your ticket in the 1981 section before our allotment sells out.

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